Supported to promote health facilities in the rural areas and IDP resettlement villages and facilitated to improve nutritional status among the vulnerable families and accessibility of quality food to children and women.

Under this sector we implemented the Pre School activities, special extracurricular program in Government schools and conducted special program for the A/L students and orphans sponsorship schemes.

Disaster management through early warning system and provided emergency response both individually and collectively, and strengthened the community by assisting the communities to re establish themselves preferably in a well-coordinated manner.

Mobilized the vulnerable communities into groups and organized them to find durable solutions to existing problems in order to uplift their standard of living condition.

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ISRC is a voluntary, development oriented, non-profit, non religious and social service organization that has been at the service of the poor marginalized and the vulnerable section of the society. ISRC has been working for the uplift of these victimized people who have become part of the victimized people globally.